Automatic Pool Cleaners

Robotic - Pool Rover

The Pool Rover robotic swimming pool cleaner is designed to be used in an above ground swimming pool or an in ground swimming pool. This robotic swimming pool cleaner does not climb the walls of a swimming pool, but quickly and efficiently vacuums the floor of any shape swimming pool. The Pool Rover pool cleaner is from the same company that makes the Aquabot robotic pool cleaner, a very popular pool cleaner for in ground swimming pools.

The Pool Rover pool cleaner is available in a basic model, and the Pool Rover Plus model. These electric pool cleaners operate safely on only 24 volts, and plug directly into a standard electrical outlet. The standard Pool Rover automatic pool cleaner vacuums 5,400 square feet, and filters 4,200 gallons of water per hour.  The Pool Rover Plus automatic pool cleaner vacuums and scrubs 5,000 square feet, and filters 4,800 gallons of water per hour. Debris that is collected from the floor of the swimming pool is deposited in a special filter bag contained within the pool cleaner. Robotic swimming pool cleaners help circulate pool water and pool chemicals throughout the entire swimming pool, and eliminate dead spots in the deep end of the swimming pool where the pool filter system may not be capable of circulating water.

Because these robotic swimming pool cleaners work independent from the pool filter system, no cumbersome hoses and connectors are required. A robotic swimming pool cleaner is simply plugged in, and placed into the swimming pool. These easy to use pool cleaners are pre-programmed, and no additional connections or adjustments are necessary. The amount of electricity used to power a robotic swimming pool cleaner is significantly less than the amount of power used to run the pool filter system to power a common suction side pool cleaners or pressure side automatic pool cleaners. Follow this link for the best prices on name brand Aquabot pool cleaners.