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Thinking about installing a spa or hot tub? Want to add a diving board or slide to your swimming pool? Looking to buy an automatic pool cleaner? Need advice on the safe use of swimming pool chemicals? Just moved into a home with a pool and need a crash course in swimming pool safety and maintenance? You’ll find all the answers right here.

Few home improvements add such value and enjoyment as a swimming pool or spa. Adults and kids – even grumpy teenagers – love them! But swimming pools are complicated luxuries.

Swimming pools and spas come in a bewildering variety of designs. They can be built of several different materials and installed in many different ways. Pools require regular maintenance and the careful use of pool chemicals to keep them clean and safe. And the variety of pool equipment and accessories can be daunting.

With “helpful” neighbors offering conflicting advice, and with various salesmen touting whatever pool equipment they sell as “the best”, how do you – the swimming pool or spa owner – make sense of it all?

That’s where this website comes in. It exists for one reason: to help the swimming pool owner (or aspiring pool or spa owner) understand the huge variety of swimming pool equipment and accessories available today. And to help you make smart decisions!