Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pressure Sides - Polaris

Polaris is a well known manufacturer of many high quality automatic swimming pool cleaners.  Some popular models include the Polaris 360, Polaris 380 & Polaris 165 models.  All of these common models of Polaris cleaners are pressure side pool cleaners.  The Polaris 360 & 380 models feature three drive wheels, which work to propel the cleaner around the pool.  The Polaris 165 floats on the surface of the swimming pool, and a debris bag trails behind the cleaner on the floor of the pool.  A jet of water is used to push debris into the bag.  The Polaris 165 and Polaris 360 models do not require a separate booster pump to operate.  These pool cleaners connect directly to your existing pool filtration system. Follow this link to purchase Polaris pool cleaners from our preferred online pool supply retailer.


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