Automatic Pool Cleaners

Suction Side - Baracuda

The latest and most advanced Baracuda automatic pool cleaner is the G4 model.  The Barracuda G4 pool cleaner features only one moving part for maintenance free operation and is designed for easy servicing.  This suction side automatic pool cleaner has several design features, which no other pool cleaner manufacturer has matched.  The Barracuda G4 features a large round disc on the head of the pool cleaner, which comes in contact with the floor of the swimming pool.  The disc on the bottom of the Barracuda G4 was designed with fins around the edges to allow this pool cleaner to pass over almost any main drain without getting caught, and helps the cleaner around lights, return lines & other obstacles this pool cleaner might encounter.  Follow this link to purchase Baracuda pool cleaners from our preferred online pool supply retailer.


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